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The integrated system with WebGIS for marine environment


An information system able to manage integrated specialised map and alphanumeric information on the marine environment.

MACISTE was founded within DISTAV and has been developed also thanks to the collaboration with GisWeb S.r.l.

The model provides applications in several marine areas for a new and modern multidisciplinary management of environmental data.


Aviable to the general public via World Wide Web in real-time, user-friendly, and ptotected manner.

  • uses Open Source techology
  • internet accessible without the need to install dedicated software (Aplication Service Provider)
  • access to all the information in a protected manner
  • easy access to external databases
  • automatically uploadds chronological data
  • receives and manages data from in-situ instruments in real time
  • execute complex researches of heterogeneous information
  • generates reports and dynamin graphics of extracted data
  • able to create, visulise and print specialised georeferenced maps
  • compatible with the latest generation of platforms
  • provides maps and data using WMS/WFS (according to OGC standard protocols)
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