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DISTAV (Department of Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences) was founded in 2011 and derives from the unification of the Department for the study of the territory and its resources (DIPTERIS) and the Department of Biology (DIBIO).

DISTAV incorporates the expertise of the preceding departments in the fields of basic and applied marine geology, oceanography, marine organism taxonomy, marine biochemistry and marine sedimentology, biology.


GisWeb S.r.l. is an company specialised in developing Web solutions for environmental management using Open Source technology. It consists of a multidisciplinary working group with years of experience in the field of territorial information systems and distributed applications on Web platforms.

The company was created in January 2005 and is currently engaged in projects for numerous public authorities and private institutes. It has developed and activated  S.I.T./G.I.S. in various fields from the urban to the environmental, from mobility to geomarketing, from the promotion of the cultural heritage to the management of building permits.

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